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30-03, 04:13 chefalexander
...but humans did not make the volcano go off, so the tree huggers are still wacked!!
28-12, 08:39 chefalexander
never mind--never got the email, but now its letting me in.
28-12, 08:37 chefalexander
is CWS working? I'm told my username is recorded, but still never got a confirm email to activate
28-12, 08:34 chefalexander
yeah--I still check in to read the headlines
26-12, 02:44 chefalexander
Merry Christmas to all, and to all--get back to work
26-11, 12:54 chefalexander
double garlic!!?? You'll be sitting alone for a while, eh?
24-11, 17:53 chefalexander
Finally back on line--modem was fried in power surge
24-11, 17:52 chefalexander
Keyser or Bagget?
22-11, 15:27 chefalexander
then roll?
02-11, 18:22 chefalexander
cool--hope they come back then
01-11, 15:36 chefalexander
I see otr is here too--how many others from JP?
01-11, 15:35 chefalexander
Hello Sissy and Crazy--never used the chat box before, but its good to learn something new everyday


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