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10-05, 11:58 crazy
I hope everyone here is doing OK. If you need anything, just ask!
03-05, 18:16 crazy
Glad to hear it. I know things are tough, and sometimes decisions are made that no one likes. Looks like we dodged the bullet this time though.
01-05, 20:37 KC4UMO
OK, the bill is paided up for a nother year. Have fun all. We are here to stay
01-05, 15:18 crazy
I don't spend as much time here as I used to , either. Too much going on when the weather is warm.
30-04, 23:58 JADE
I'm so sorry to hear that. But I am just so busy and focused on other things that I don't spend as much time on these sites as I used to. May God be with you guys in whatever decisions you make.
30-04, 17:13 crazy
Guyz if there is anything real important here to any of you, I would advise you to download it and save it. The site may not be here after this month. The expenses are high, and Buddy is handling it on his own. With this economy, he may just have to let it go. So get the good info while you can! Crazy-Mod.
24-04, 01:15 crazy
I dropped a link to this site over at a Harley Davidson site, so if traffic picks up, it was me, lmao.
22-04, 14:02 KI4RVH
Hello Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!1
18-04, 17:22 crazy
haven't checked in here much lately, been kinda boring at home , still laid off and broke.
14-04, 22:40 crazy
Still laid off here, behind on all bills. Got unemployment going now, should get my back week they owe me this week or next. I can't wait to go back to work, and there are MILLIONS of people out there just like me. God help us, our families need a bit more than we can come up with. Donations accepted, lmao.
30-03, 22:10 crazy
Just think why the glaciers melted thousands of years ago in North America. Must have been some gassy mammoths!
30-03, 03:13 chefalexander
...but humans did not make the volcano go off, so the tree huggers are still wacked!!
27-03, 08:39 crazy
Down in the 20's last night here, I hope I didn't bust the block in my 90 HP tractor! She ran hot the other day while breaking land, I put one gallon of 50/50 Anti-Freeze in and one gallon of water. I don't believe in the 50/50 stuff, but a friend was here and had it, and I was out, lol. Why pay for 50% water? I don't get it?
27-03, 08:38 crazy
Down in the
21-03, 23:10 crazy
A volcano erupted in Iceland, so Global Warming has returned!
15-03, 01:13 crazy
http://jesuspowerchristianforum.smff....com/index.php found it again, lol.
15-03, 00:37 crazy
I need a link to HB's new JP forum, I had to do a system restore and lost my toolbar settings. Thank you, Crazy
07-03, 17:36 crazy
Nevermind, I figured it out!
03-03, 21:58 crazy
Buddy, can you give me some instructions on using a ridge reamer?
02-03, 19:25 crazy
I just posted an important new tip for XP users. DON"T PRESS F-1! Details down in the forum!
21-02, 20:33 crazy
I see they caught those Texas pyro monsters! hxxp://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100222/ap_on_re_us/us_texas_church_fires
20-02, 16:30 crazy
If anyone needs any body parts for late model vehicles, I found a heckuva discount site, prices are unbelievably low!
16-02, 16:51 crazy
Hey Buddy, if you dig that base unit out, I'll pay the shipping. I sure could use it! Thanx, Crazy
14-02, 18:44 crazy
Great race tonight, Jamie McMurray got the biggest win of his career, and Dale Jr. got a great 2nd. Either way, a great start to the season!
12-02, 08:32 crazy
Sissy, did they catch those monsters that are doing the arsons in your state? I have a few ideas about what can be done with 'em.........


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