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07-02, 20:23 crazy
Tight game, some awesome passing. Great game, no matter who you pull for!
07-02, 17:34 crazy
No superbowl predictions?
07-02, 09:07 crazy
Good Sunday morning peeps. Looks like I am talking to myself, but I have no problem with that, lol. I just hope everyone is well!
06-02, 12:48 crazy
Ok, it was 19 hours, but it was long and cold! 52 INSIDE my home right now, but a gaining by the minute, lol.
06-02, 10:13 crazy
No power for almost 24 hours, and it doesn't look too good for getting it back up today. BRRRR........
05-02, 09:57 crazy
Where is everyone? We are getting hammered with snow and ice again. Pretty, but I've had enough!
31-01, 20:28 crazy
didn't mean to leave that link live, withhold my monthly stipend to teach me a lesson, lmao.
31-01, 20:21 crazy
31-01, 20:21 crazy
Here is a translator for any abbreviation found in net slang:
31-01, 08:48 crazy
We got lots of snow and ice here. What a mess!
30-01, 08:01 crazy
Another big snowstorm is slamming us here. About a foot expected, with over an inch in the middle. Glad I am off work, lol. When It stops, time to plow the roads, that will take me a while this time!
28-01, 04:32 crazy
They discharged her from the hospital. They said her leg was probably broken, but it was so swelled they couldn't tell. No cast, no splint, but she is in rough shape.
26-01, 20:15 JADE
Wow, my prayers are with her.
26-01, 19:47 crazy
Put in an extra prayer for my wifes Aunt. She was hit by a tractor trailer today, breaking a leg and beating her up real bad. They had to cut her out of the truck, it took over half an hour to get her out. Thank you, Crazy
25-01, 22:30 KI4RVH
Hello Crazy and Everybody else!
25-01, 00:15 crazy
65 degrees here in Mid-NC in January. This global warming is killing us!
24-01, 20:51 JADE
Yep, looks like JP is now history
24-01, 12:09 crazy
Looks like JP is down for the count. We knew it was coming, but I hate to see it go.
16-01, 17:59 crazy
Please pray for those in Haiti, and for the rescuers trying their best to save those they can!
01-01, 07:52 crazy
I hope we see some positive change!
31-12, 21:24 KI4RVH
Happy New Year!
31-12, 21:24 KI4RVH
Hello Everybody!
28-12, 07:39 chefalexander
never mind--never got the email, but now its letting me in.
28-12, 07:37 chefalexander
is CWS working? I'm told my username is recorded, but still never got a confirm email to activate
28-12, 07:34 chefalexander
yeah--I still check in to read the headlines


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