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15-11, 11:28 crazy
It will be in Crazy fundz. Let me get my printer running! lol
15-11, 01:33 otrclassic
okay, give ua a million dollars :D :D'
13-11, 08:38 crazy
No problem at all. If there is anything I can do for you galz and guyz, please let me know.
10-11, 00:23 Being Conformed
Thanks, Crazy.
10-11, 00:23 Being Conformed
Hi Sissy.
09-11, 20:34 Sissy
Hi BC!!!!!
09-11, 18:46 crazy
Here ya go BC! http://www.gokarters.com/vbforum/forumdisplay.php?f=83
09-11, 15:46 KC4UMO
09-11, 14:46 Being Conformed
09-11, 14:45 Being Conformed
Where is the forum for BC's silly schtuf?
09-11, 13:27 Titus
08-11, 15:54 crazy
If anyone has a dish network system they aren't using , I need a switch called a 34. DP 34 or SW34, I am not sure. I will buy it! Thanx! Mine is messing up, and I am not under contract anymore, so I don't want them to fix it and hit me with a service charge!
08-11, 10:07 Sissy
07-11, 21:27 otrclassic
let the party start
07-11, 16:50 JADE
It will take ages for me to go throw this site to get the gist of what's been going on. I've really cut back on my forum speak. I spend more time on my FB or fantasticcontraption.com
07-11, 16:48 JADE
Hey, I finally found my password. DOH
07-11, 11:14 crazy
Everyone is talking about using this forum as a post-Jesus Power type forum. I hope it happens. If anyone has any issues, just let me know! Crazy
03-11, 23:21 crazy
02-11, 18:22 chefalexander
cool--hope they come back then
01-11, 19:36 Sissy
Titus and Jade are still members here. It's been so long, they may have forgotten!
01-11, 19:28 crazy
If you get no hits on "new posts", check "Todays Posts" under the quick links. That was an issue last year, not sure if it still is. I check both to be sure!
01-11, 19:26 crazy
About 5 right now, Crazy, Sissy, OTR, ChefAlexander, and BC has been a member forever. I hope everyone moves on over, all are welcome. Just be respectful, but that goes without saying and I expect no problems with that anyway. Y'all Come Back Now, Ya'hear?!
01-11, 15:36 chefalexander
I see otr is here too--how many others from JP?
01-11, 15:35 chefalexander
Hello Sissy and Crazy--never used the chat box before, but its good to learn something new everyday
01-11, 14:25 crazy
Be patient, I am sure Buddy or Mustang66 will activate him quickly.


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