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01-11, 11:28 Sissy
Mods can't activate him.
01-11, 11:25 Sissy
John6, from JP, registered here as ChefAlexander.
01-11, 09:04 crazy
Buddy, John6 registered, but never got a confirmation e-mail. Is registration blocked, or is it an anomaly?
31-10, 22:56 Sissy
31-10, 21:07 otrclassic
Hi Crazy and Sissy and all !!!!!!!!!
31-10, 20:50 crazy
I hope everyone comes on over here, and treats this just like JesusPower. I have invited them, and told them if they have any requests or issues to just let me know, and I can forward it to Buddy. I hope they all come, and we continue the same discussion here!
29-10, 21:10 Sissy
Hi Chef!!!!!!
29-10, 21:08 Sissy
I'm copying some stuff over from JP
28-10, 17:26 crazy
I did. It would be nice for a merger, lol. I enjoy the fellowship, the daily chit chat, I do not want to see that go away. I am willing to take a bigger part of it, whatever it will take! Thanx Buddy!
28-10, 06:19 KC4UMO
Tell them this home is still open
28-10, 06:15 KC4UMO
Hate to hear that crazy,
28-10, 04:20 crazy
Sissy wants to shut JP down for good. Man I hate that!
24-10, 15:42 crazy
I'm looking for a small , good cb for my truck, and maybe a starter home base unit. Anyone have anything?
17-10, 09:27 K0DXC
13-09, 19:23 crazy
Just stopping in to say hello. I hope everyone is doing well. C ya!
14-08, 23:18 crazy
HELLOOOOO Out There! Is anybody home?
13-08, 04:32 crazy
I guess all the coastal fires are out by now, huh?
30-07, 21:12 KI4RVH
I like it coool! Hello everyone!
27-07, 21:18 crazy
Hot here too, 90's, I can't take it anymore.
26-07, 10:28 WV6Z
The cooler couple of days were GREAT here, but, now it's back to as hot and humid as usual. oh well.
19-07, 20:57 crazy
How has everyone been doing? Been hot and muggy around here, but a cold front promises relief for about a week. Thank God.
28-06, 20:50 crazy
I believe you. I was just joking around.
26-06, 14:47 KC8TCQ
It was cheaper to buy a new laptop than pay to get all the problems it had fixed. Now all I need to figure out is how to recover my data from the old laptop HD.
26-06, 14:46 KC8TCQ
It died, it was a long time coming, a few years ago I was on a road trip helping someone move to New Mexico, One of the straps on the laptop case broke it flipped upside down and the laptop fell out and b0rked the screen. So I used it with a flat panel monitor at home, and finally the power plug at the back got messed up and now it doesn't power up
25-06, 17:54 crazy
Did it really die, or were you looking for a good excuse to upgrade?


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