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25-06, 15:28 KC8TCQ
Hey everyone, FYI I was w/o interweb for a while at home, my laptop died, so I went and bought a new one heheh.
24-06, 23:10 KI4RVH
hello Crazy, sorry about ur truck troubles, I know that is frustratin!
24-06, 23:10 KI4RVH
hello Cal
22-06, 07:40 crazy
Hey guyz, I have a new e-mail, the old one will be DOA on Monday.
21-06, 12:33 K0DXC
Hello everyone!
21-06, 07:51 crazy
Great visit from my sisters, I am glad they made it down here safely. One from Michigan, two up from Jacksonville NC.
20-06, 22:10 crazy
Got 1 running, the primary one. Tractor and other truck broke down. But it is Fathers Day, and I am expecting to see 2 of my sisters, one of which I haven't seen since Dads funeral.
18-06, 23:59 crazy
Hello everyone! Both of my pickup trucks are broke down, about 170 miles apart! I just can't get any good luck anymore!
14-06, 00:50 WV6Z
Hi Chris, Hi Crazy!
13-06, 09:06 KI4RVH
Hello Crazy!
13-06, 09:06 KI4RVH
Hello Tom!
12-06, 23:10 crazy
It was on cruise control til she dragged it on the bank!
12-06, 19:37 WV6Z
Hi All!!!
09-06, 22:32 KI4RVH
I bet ur daughter was happy! I'd have been happy too!
09-06, 22:31 KI4RVH
That was a big carfish. Did it have whiskers or windshield wipers?
09-06, 19:07 crazy
A catfish. how many times can a Crazy guy make the same typo?
09-06, 19:03 crazy
That is a nice Crappie. The fish was a carfish, lol. What is a Crappy?
08-06, 19:02 KI4RVH
Whas a carfish? My Dad and I went a week or so ago and he caught a 2 and half pound 16 and half inch Crappy!
07-06, 14:31 crazy
More fishing Saturday, my oldest daughter caught a carfish as long as from my elbow to my fingertips. She was so happy!
01-06, 17:15 crazy
I have been entirely too busy. Selling logs every Friday, after working Monday thru Thursday. Not making but 100 bux per load either. No way for the little man to make a living.
26-05, 08:41 KC8TCQ
I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday weekend. I spent the weekend getting the house ready for the construction crew to start remodeling the house, they started at 7 this morning with the rewiring.
24-05, 21:59 crazy
What a wonderful day. I took my daughters fishing, though I didn't feel well. My oldest caught her first largemouth bass and a hybrid bream. My youngest caught a hybrid as well. I caught 2 hybrid, 1 on an empty hook! Wonderful spending quality time with family, everyone getting along and enjoying each other. Doesn't get any better than that.
21-05, 21:16 crazy
15-05, 21:46 crazy
Hey hey hey, it's FRIDAAAAYYYY!
14-05, 22:39 KI4RVH
hello everybody


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