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29-03, 04:23 crazy
Also used for emergencey responders.
22-02, 19:28 crazy
Anyone know anything about they Motorola two way radios, the type used on construction sites for communication?
03-02, 20:30 crazy
If anyone needs anything, all requests are appreciated!
17-01, 21:01 crazy
08-01, 22:23 crazy
70 hours this week. That ought to be a good check, lmao!
03-01, 19:37 crazy
I owe , I owe, so it's of to work I go!
31-12, 04:24 crazy
Happy New Years everyone! May the coming New Year bring good luck and bountiful blessings to everyone!
25-12, 16:10 crazy
Hey BOSS, check yur pm!
23-12, 16:35 crazy
Yes. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
17-12, 19:07 crazy
I hope each and every one of you have a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and that you correct anyone who tries to downplay Christ and instead says "Happy Holidays" or such crapola. Remember, He is the reason for the season!
09-12, 23:09 crazy
I owe, I owe, but it's back to work I go! FINALLY! Merry early Christmas everyone!
25-11, 15:52 crazy
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all enjoy the time spent with family, it is priceless!
19-10, 15:56 crazy
Still out of work, but should go back in November. Glad hunting season is here. Off of probation, got a crossbow now, things are settling down.
17-10, 14:18 KC4UMO
Hi crazy, everything is fine here. Been really busy over the past few months. How are things there?
04-10, 22:51 crazy
Buddy, didja get flooded out with that last monsoon?
30-09, 01:59 crazy
gonna rain for a week, hope everyone gets their mowers ready. A warm spell and everything is gonna grow like wildfire!
24-09, 09:23 crazy
Just checking in guys. Let me know if anyone needs anything. Be more than happy to assist.
26-08, 10:51 crazy
Hello out there!
03-08, 23:44 crazy
Helloooooo everyone!
19-07, 00:54 crazy
Where is everyone?
05-07, 00:03 crazy
I hope everyone had a safe and happy July 4th. We enjoyed the fireworks , seems like `10 years since last July!
30-06, 00:04 crazy
Buddy, are you getting washed away down there? Seems like you have seen rain for weeks!
18-06, 12:24 crazy
I haven't been able to get online here for about a week. Glad that bug was worked out. I need some paint advice, very important project, starting a thread on it now.
09-06, 23:29 crazy
We have had enough rain, how am I supposed to paint my HD when it rains every day? Why am I talking to myself? lmao.
09-06, 00:25 crazy
I hope everyone is doing OK, been a little slow around here. If ya need anything, just ask! Thanx everyone.


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