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w8nsi 06-29-2008 06:44 PM

W8NSI on the Web
My Web page is http://www.rogueriver.tzo.com/w8nsi.htm

I have some ham radio downloads available from the menu at the top.

I also have an ftp server with many of the same downloads. It is a physically different computer and I have not mirrored all the available files yet so there may be more on the ftp server.

ftp://w8nsi.dyndns.org simply clicking on the link should take you there from your web browser. If you insist on using a ftp client the settings are: login = anonymous, pw= your email address or even something like anon@yahoo.com , port is 21.

Anonymous logins can only download but that is what you are there for anyway.

73 de w8nsi jim

KC4UMO 06-29-2008 07:48 PM

Hi Jim.,
Welcome to the site.
And thanks for those links. Looks like some great info there. I will enjoy them.
Hope you like the site here. Not a lot of members posting but the chat box is used alot. Things are a bit different than other sites. Make your self at home.

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