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crazy 12-20-2009 02:18 PM

drill charger burned, pics included, help!
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I am uploading a pic. There is a white, powdery substance on two parts. And wax around another. Anyone got any ideas? Thanx!

If anyone can fix it, I will send it to em. If the parts and labor are reasonable. Thanx!

JADE 12-20-2009 05:58 PM

My drill charger for my Makita went out awhile back and I just kept an eye out on ebay and local pawn shops. I put a few bids in on some sweet deals but didn't get them. Then one day I found the whole set with an extra battery for about $45, which is about what one pays for a new charger. Now I got 2 drills, 3 batteries and a charger. Plus the new drill has the quick chuck instead of the keyed chuck. It came in real handy when putting up my new fence since both my son and I had a drill to put screws into the boards.

Otherwards, I don't know what that stuff is on the board.

crazy 12-22-2009 05:35 PM


KC4UMO 12-27-2009 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by crazy (Post 17121)

The large blue component with the wax on the end is a capacitor. As you can see the plastic around the capacitor has srunk. This is do to heat. Most likely that cap is bad. But what caused it? Could be another component that has failed and cause the cap to go.

Does the unit do anything? Does light come on?
Let me know.

crazy 12-27-2009 10:22 AM

I just talked to my computer repair guy and he thinks he can fix it. He's on the way over now to take a gander at it. I have two chargers down, if either could be repaired I would be far ahead in the game. All I can do is hope and pray.

It doesn't do anything. No lights, no smells (not yet, but I am gonna leave it plugged up to see ). The black upright item near the large yellow wire, with the 1/8" hole in the aluminum, is that a heat sink? It has white powder on it too, like the 3/4" square item, but it has been out in a storage building for a while, and could be corrosion.

This runs a circular saw and a cordless drill. If it could be fixed for $20 or so I am all for it.

If he can't handle it, I will get back to ya. Thanx for the time, and Happy New Year!

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