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Default If I can't understand it - a SPACEMAN had to have done it!

NEWS FLASH! (using the same logic) The Parthenon in Greece was built by SPACEMEN! (obviously – since historians don’t know their methods)

How did the Athenians construct their mighty temple, an icon of Western civilization, in less than a decade—apparently without an overall building plan? How did they manage to incorporate subtle visual elements into the Parthenon's layout and achieve such faultless proportions and balance? And how were the Parthenon's builders able to work at a level of precision (in some cases accurate to within a fraction of a millimeter) without the benefit of modern tools? "We're not as good as they were," Lena Lambrinou, an architect on the restoration project, observes with a sigh.

Who knows what other things the spacemen might have built? Maybe the magician Houdini was one of them because he did things that are unexplained today. If WE (who represent the most intelligent beings the world has ever produced) cannot explain it, then these things were obviously done by supernatural powers or by an outer-cosmos, incredibly advanced race of space travelers!

First of all, intelligence is not evolving. If you will look at the typical high school textbooks of around 1820 – 1860 you would discover that today’s student with a bachelor’s degree in science would have a difficult time with much of the material. Let’s face it folks… the average man in previous centuries was significantly more intelligent than most people today. Do not confuse technology with intelligence. Just because you cannot understand something, let’s not assume that people in earlier centuries were intellectually challenged too. We are DE-volving.

We were created by God. We have not continued to improve through time. We are not evolving into more intelligent and healthier beings. Quite the opposite is true. We are now suffering from an increasing number of “hereditary” diseases that Adam, Eve, Seth and Daniel never dreamed of. AND we are not getting any smarter either.
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