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I got about 75 miles from home, halfway to work, and my boss told me that he thought the job would be shut down. So I turned around, and came home. This was the biggest snow of my childrens lives, and we lived it up. Pulled sleds behind the 4-wheeler, rode them around in the tractor bucket, just had a lot of fun. It was my choice to come home, and I am glad I did. Come to find out, the construction job was open on Monday. Now I have to work on Friday, but I don't regret it. The time spent with my family was worth it, and even if I was home on Friday, my oldest daughter would be in school anyway. We got around 6 inches, which was more than we have had since 2000, at least I think so. Enjoy it folks, but I can't wait for spring myself.
Peace will not be found at a MidEast table. Peace began at a MidEast STABLE, but everyone seems to deny it.
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