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I live 30 minutes from one of the largest tractor junkyards on the East coast. "Fitz tractor" is the name of it. They have ACRES of tractors in all stages of disassembly. And the prices aren't too bad.

My International 404 is bi-polar, lol. Sometimes the 3 point hitch works, sometimes it doesn't. I tore it down, nothing was broken. Shouldn't be the hyd pump, or it would not work at all. I think a line inside is leaking, and when the pump picks the excess fluid, it works. When it has pumped all the fluid (Quickly, lol!) I am going to overfill it just to see what happens.

My Ferguson 285 has a cracked rear end housing. Gonna tear it down next week, I have to fix it before Spring planting season. Housing is two bills, ouch.

And then there is my 165 Ferguson. Newly rebuilt, just before it started smoking terribly heavy all at once, and lost power. Barely made it home. Loaded it up with injector cleaner, enough to do 400 gallons! Let it set a year, then cranked it. NO smoke, though it didn't sound exactly right. NO hydraulic fluid was in it, so I just turned it off real quick. Might be fixed, as far as I know, lol.

With diesel fuel being so high, produce prices are going up. I may plant a giant garden this year, if I feel better. Would surely save my family a ton of money.

Buddy, I hope you find all the parts and have time to complete it. The number to Fitz is 404 685-7850. I'd be glad to go get the parts for you.
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