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Originally Posted by MAC40 View Post
The other considration is that life was created here by God and that He may have created life elsewhere. (improbable or at least irrelevent) If He did, He has not chosen to tell us anything about it.

I was raised catholic and that was, I guess you can say, it was programed into us, that God created all life. Perhaps that is true, but nobody really knows how life actually started. There is no record of it. As of now I dont claim any religion of any kind due to the fact that the catholic chruch did nothing for me. The repeatativeness of the surmons sunday after sunday got boring. Not only that but the offering basket was shoved down the pews 4 times within that hour surmon. I have my own way of prayer and such and Ill leave it at that.

Now as far as life elsewhere, I do believe that there is. Think about it. How else did the Egyptions build them pyramids. They didnt do it alone. I read somewhere that the weight of just one of the stones in the great pyramids weighs more that anything on earth can lift. No crane anywhere can lift one of them stones without buckling under the weight. So weather or not anyone else believes that they did it all alone, I dont know, but I do believe they had lots of extraterestrial help.
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