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There was a national treatment outfit that advertised that they could cure
addicts whether they wanted to recover or not. That was BS. Even the best programs have only about a 13% rate of recovery. However,If the person wants to change their life and stop using and is honest with their self and
follows a program, they will get better. At least the court ordered treatment
is an eye opener. I wish you well.

QUOTE=crazy;16644]I have been through a 10 month rehab while incarcerated. For I used it to get me out early, that was the only reason I took part. It was good, but I believe no one will change their lifestyle, any lifestyle, until they are ready. Court mandated rehab isn't as effective as voluntary, IMO anyway. I do not mean any disrespect to you or your occupation by any means. You have a much needed job, and you have my utmost respect.

Thanx, crazy[/quote]
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