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15-10, 03:59 crazy
Helloooo out there!
12-01, 04:22 crazy
New board is up and running. Check it out, nice , modern setup! http://www.gokarters.com/smf
11-01, 04:30 crazy
c harger port broke..............3rd laptop this year........lol.....someone said I was rough on things, but my daughter pulled it with the charger plugged in. Hope it lasts longer, it is new, now no sound but computer guy said it would be fixed for free, just a plug probably.
09-01, 22:09 WV6Z
What happened to it Crazy?
08-01, 17:07 crazy
Got laptop repaired.....$85, lol. How long will it last this time?
06-01, 16:45 KC4UMO
hey Tom, good to see you and wish you the same
06-01, 16:23 WV6Z
Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and is having a very Happy New Year!
02-01, 10:43 crazy
And a Happy New Year!
24-12, 14:07 KC4UMO
Merry Christmas
07-12, 04:34 crazy
Panasonic laptop broke where the charger goes in...plug is so loose it won't make connection. ;-(
06-12, 04:26 crazy
D & A Phantom Shortwave Tube Amp Ham radio or CB radio tugbe power amp. (12 tuves) Very rare, very collectable unit. $250 434 429 7587
27-11, 16:09 crazy
Helloooo out there!!!!!!!!!!!
16-11, 20:00 crazy
Bought a new Panasonic Satellite C655! Hoping for the best..........
10-10, 22:26 crazy
Another dead laptop, a Gateway this time. I'm about to give up!
02-10, 10:29 crazy
Another laptop died on me...........bought a used Dell, nothing but problems..........what's the best laptop for under $700? Thanx in advance!
05-08, 04:16 crazy
Tax free holiday weekend for 7-6 and 7-7. Good way to say screw the gov't and saves some money, if ya have any left.
19-07, 07:48 crazy
What a heat wave. I hope this winter isn't as cold as this summer is/has been hot..............
03-07, 12:52 crazy
Happy July Fourth everyone!
27-06, 04:35 crazy
Did anyone visit the Ham Radio Fest near Greensboro NC this week?
22-06, 22:30 crazy
Going from a computer lab with giant chillers (BRRR!) to MERCK where the walls aren't even up. Heat is gonna b rough Buddy. Kinda like life is for me right now. Just don't know if it's worth the hassle anymore, other than only living for the sake of my children, which is what I do now.
22-06, 16:52 KC4UMO
hey crazy, how are you man. cant never seem to find time to get on lol.
10-06, 00:53 crazy
Someone turn the air conditioner on!
13-05, 21:52 crazy
Glad to see the site back up Buddy. Times are tough, I can imagine the conditions.
04-04, 18:45 crazy
Yea, I would like to pick one up to match the ones my company use. How would I know how to match the frequency?
03-04, 19:25 KC4UMO
lots of themn used the "Radius: brand made by molarola


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